dubrovnikDubrovnik is a product of  human  inspiration. It is a blend of  aesthetics  and materials, coupled in harmony and form. Dubrovnik is light, white  walls, ringing bells and sea gulls that  slowly  flap their  wings. It is a city that fills the heart.  For centuries, has researched the freedom of their lyrics are just about her singing, that freedom is the greatest  treasure  of the human heart.

Simple, charming town with its rich spirit and power of its residents, deserves our deepest admiration. The town, situated at the foot of Sr, is the backbone of the whole Croatian Adriatic. That in a world more cities like Dubrovnik, only one of them was the right one-the one true, true, Dubrovnik is the only one built of stone and light.

This open palm under the stars given to the world. Subject to influences, but always special. Facing winds but still firm. Not the power of arms was that it kept its stone towers and ramparts, but the idea and meaning of freedom. He was not the sword that won did a great, but the creative power of thought. Dubrovnik is a city poet.

Dubrovnik is a must see, experience and fulfill its history which is reflected in many city streets, beaches, churches and museums. City hotels, beautiful surroundings, high ecological standards and explicit tourist attraction in all seasons.“